Why Talk About Mindset?

Singapore Street Interview

4m 34s • Published on March 13th, 2019

To begin this journey we asked people in the streets of Singapore one question, “What is Mindset?”

Responses varied greatly everything from describing culture, to goal setting and more. Really though, it’s not about having one right answer, it’s about understanding each others’ mindsets.

We share about why we’re doing this and hope you’ll join the conversation.

Transcript Begins

Derek: I’m here in Singapore to ask people on the street “what is mindset?” to start this conversation. Okay so my question is, what is mindset?

Guy 1: Uhhhhh mindset

Guy 2: Mindset… okay

Guy 3: Pshhhh uhhh

Woman 1: Mindset I think is dual. You can have a good mindset or a bad mindset. Having a good mindset meaning that you you’re ahh.. A happy person with good intentions good work ethic. And general one who gives just as much as you expect to receive

Woman 2: Mindset, you have mindset for somethings uhh like, I have grown in a family I have a particular mindset related to my traditions or the way that I eat my food or drink my life so I have that kind of mindset. I think mindset is… it grows with uhh, with your age, who you are living with which family and which tradition it sets according to that so I think mindset is that I think.

Woman 3: I think mindset is a way of thinking like a habit which is formed from our experiences. It’s not easily changed

Guy 3: Uhh your mood of the day I would say

Derek: Okay, so you’re saying it could change then?Guy 3: Of course

Woman 4: Mindset is something on your mind and you set to it.

Guy 4: Err the to achieve any target (inaudible) so err is to be er uhh you should be done er uhh to be aligned to uh to achieve the target is your mindset

Guy 5: Mindset is for um, to have good target and for visit any country of the world then you select it some tourist spot and visiting there and uhm the mindset uh to visit any country of the world then we made mindset

Derek: Sounds like an adventuresome mindset

Guy 1: Mindset I would say is your perception of things but it’s probably a bit more intentional than uhh your subconscious.

Guy 2: Okay for me its… You know the way you think about something like if you for example if you want to achieve a goal then you set yourself to achieve that goal then you set yourself you do so you can do everything you can in your power so you can achieve your goal so then that’s I think that’s how you can set your goal uh that is mindset for me

Woman 5: Like an outlook on life and it’s something that’s changeable so it can either be positive or negative and its something that yeah you can sort of change yourself

Derek: Awesome, great! As you can see there’s a lot of ideas about what mindset is. Now I want to share a bit more about why I starting this conversation.

Derek: This podcast talks about how mindset affects the way we act and behave. Mindset affects strategy, performance, business, and home life. The podcast is also supported by a rich website that has tons of resources that helps people learn more about mindset.

I’m Derek an American Expat living and working abroad in Singapore and throughout Asia. I’m in the training and consulting industry and I’m focused on helping others shift their mindsets and achieve breakthrough results.

So I studied international studies with an Asia focus and conflict resolution. When I began my studies 8 years ago I was introduced to Terry Warner’s work on mindset and self-deception. The ramifications of this work were hugely impactful and altered altered my whole future. Also, I’ve had a lifelong interest in other cultures so I studied Anthropology.

I’m teaming up with an industry professional Senthiyl S S G as a regular co-host who has been focusing on the science of mindset for over 16 years.

And the reason I’m hosting this podcast honestly the idea is to find the best global thought leaders, and network with them and partner with them and podcasting seemed to be a great strategy that ticked a lot of these boxes.

You can expect to see these podcasts on a bi-weekly basis which means that we’ll have a new guest featured every month.

You should definitely subscribe because listeners can learn, how they can gain insights and different perspectives on hot button issues and other interesting topics that we tackle in this podcasts.

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